The Dewsky/Brewsky Mile

BAM! Y'all ROCK! You just pushed Kenzie over the 60%+ mark, now "The Race Is On and Here Comes Wild Willie and Kenzie in the Backstretch"! So we will schedule a time now for the race and post the results ASAP!... So you know, Wild Wilson Wild Willie GS was the one who just donated the $100.00 putting Kenzie over the 60% mark... I think he thinks he has a pretty good shot of winning... Or drinking beer... Either way, helping bring awareness to the project is the ultimate goal of this race and to help not only raise money for Kenzie's OBLIVION 20/20 Kickstarter project, but also to bring awareness to Mental Health. Thank you to all of you have helped her by reaching out to her privatly, helped her by sharing our post/messages or contributed with monetary donations. It all helps.

If you would like to make a contribution please do so by following this link> www.kickstarter.comprojects/themjrband/oblivion-20-20-mckenzie-jalynn

or messaging me at 402-560-4795 or email, or

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