Barn Dance! (Gallery)

Tonight we performed at 4 Generations Barn in Pickerall, NE for the Sigma Alpha of UNL Boots and Bow Ties Spring Formal... Mother Nature did not cooperate with us as we had to travel the whole way in blizzard like conditions. We lost a little control on Dead Man's Curve along the way as well as the truck in front of us, but Eric did a spectacular job of driving and bringing Ol Betsy back under control... After lugging our gear up two flights of stairs and getting all set up in the loft of 4 Generations Barn, UNL bused 50 guest at a time every 30 minutes until 1215 and then started to bus them back around that time as well. This was a great event and one we will definatly remember and talk about for a long time. Thank you Sigma Alpha of UNL and 4 Generations for having us be a part of your event, we had blast and hope you did as well!

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