1,000 Happy Feet

Last Sunday I was blessed to perform at Nebraska's Famous Pla Mor Ballroom. 1,000's of dancers over so many years have had a good time here. Some of Nebraska's best bands and favorite bands have performed on this very stage including one of my favorite's Sandy Creek. They had been the house band for about 20 years here. It's very cool to hear about some of the history and bands have played here. I even remember seeing an article someplace where Blake Shelton even graced the stage here back in his mullet days! Mom and Dad even remember recall seeing SheDaisy (Single White Female) here themselves Anyways, I am very happy and privalaged to now be a part of the Pla Mor Ballroom historical story. With that said, I am looking forward to our next gig here! Come check us out March 11th (pending). Show starts at 8pm and don't forget FREE dance lessons start at 7pm with the legendary Doeden Dancers!

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